Hairdresser to Barber

This course is aimed at hairdressers who are already proficient in Hairdressing and wish to develop their Barbering techniques. You will learn the fundamental of the barbering skill set, knowledge and understanding of the basic techniques used in Modern Barbering and how these differ for those used in Hairdressing. This will give you the confidence to master the basic haircut shapes and give you a solid grounding ready to move on to a creative level in both Hairdressing & Barbering.

We will cover:

  • Maintenance of tools
  • Clipping with attachments
  • Clipper over comb
  • Scissor over comb
  • Graduation
  • Layering
  • Tapering
  • Fading
  • Blow drying
  • Health & Safety
  • Product knowledge.

Note from rob: “All workshops are tailored to inspire your professional development, please let me know if you would like to explore anything new and I will update the training plan to suit a structure more worth your fitting.”.

Course duration and format

  • 09.30am – 10.00 am: Coffee and introductions
  • 10.00am – 10.30am: Theory of fundamentals Barbering
  • 10.30am – 1.00pm: Two demonstration models on traditional barbering
  • 1.00pm – 1.30 pm: Lunch
  • 1.30pm – 4.00pm: Hands on practical with guidance from me
  • 4.00pm – 4.30pm: Theory and practical session recap 4.30pm

Models If you come to me we will provide all models If i come to you, you will have to provide all models

Numbers per course is a maximum of 6

What you need to bring with you:

  • Scissors/razors
  • Clippers
  • Combs
  • Brushes
  • Any preferred styling tools