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My name is Robert Grosvenor and I am an experienced multi award-winning Master Craftsman, with over 36 years experience in the industry. Driven by helping fellow barbers; up and coming barbers, in order to help them achieve their goals to prefect their skills. Sharing my knowledge and intent skills helps to develop and strengthen the barbering industry.

I take huge pride in providing the best education; workshops around the country and world-wide (where possible). As a Master Craftsman, my main goals include: training and educating new barbers to their highest standards. Furthermore, helping fellow barbers to extend their skills to a higher level and ultimately become more recognised and successful in their own industry.

In addition to my primary job functions, I have been recognised by the hair council for my extraordinary commitment to the industry. As a result, I have had the honour of receiving a diploma MC (Master Craftsman) in barbering and I have qualified as an recognised assessor; an international educator and Grand Master Barber.

Picture of Robert with awards My passion for barbering can be traced back to 1990's, where I spent a significant amount of time admiring my older brother, who was also a barber. This inspired me to follow in his footsteps. I started my career in a traditional, high-end Italian barber shop. Five years later, I was delighted to open my own salon: Headmasters Hair Team. I am still the proud owner of this salon to date.

One major thing I have learnt from many years in this career is to stay true to yourself; stay humble and to share your knowledge to the best possible degree.

I also specialise in modern and traditional barbering, anything from a flat-top; to a scissor cut; to a styled, blow-dry for men. My signature hair cut is the high-volume pompadour. I also specialise in beard shaping and cut-throat shaving.

I have worked in the male and female hairdressing industry for over thirty-six years, gaining experience in male grooming; managing successful businesses and becoming a training assessor. As an experienced and passionate barber, I have achieved a numerous amount of professional awards. I was a finalist in the British Master barbers - Barber of the year 2017, I had the honour of winning the Hall of Fame award in 2016 and 2017.

Finally, I am excited to announce that Headmasters salon is about to become an accredited centre through VTCT, issuing level 1 to level 3 barbering qualifications.